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 Gold Mines of Nevada and Sierra County 









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  Gold Mines of the Sierras.
Minnesota Flat and Chip's Flat were the location of many high yielding Gold Mines. Located between Downieville and the Middle Fork of the Yuba River. To name a few of the other high producers like: The Empire Mine, The Plumbago, 16 to 1, Kate Hardy, German Bar, the Ruby, the Oriflame, Delhi, Idaho Maryland, Brunswick, Giant King, Sadie D, the Oriental, Gale's Orchard, Brush Creek, You Bet, Red Dog and the Yuba Gold Fields were all part of the huge Mother Lode.













185 Acres Missouri Canyon Creek Mine on Red Dog Road







180 Ac North Fork & Middle Fork of Yuba River
   You Bet Placer Mine
          Independent Mine    
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  108 Acres Brush Creek Mine 
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